29 May Dissertation!

Hey guys Sorry for the lack of blogs recently I have been so busy trying to get my dissertation done. But i have now finished uni which is a very weird feeling, three years have gone so quick it's unreal. Anyway apart from work, I...

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29 May Back in Bedford

Since the last time you heard from me I stuck to my word and got my head down and racked up some solid sessions with the group at Bedford. When at our best, our club can mix it with the best in the country. This may...

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29 May Crossing the Line

Returning from Portugal I felt tired, but attributed this to a hard week of training, the travelling and returning to work. First session back I was unusually demotivated and this was reflected by dropping out; but I mentally just 'couldn't do it'. Not too worried,...

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23 May Down week

I had to scale things back this week due to my hip and foot being pretty sore from my fall in the race last week. I ended up only getting in one workout and that was touch and go for a while as the hills...

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20 May Back in the UK

I’m back in the UK and making a few adjustments back to reality. The first adjustment is going from an average of 25°C to 10°C in direct sunlight and no wind. The second adjustment is an eight hour time difference; I think I...

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17 May BAL & BMC

Hi guys, Just a quick update on what's been going on. I recently ran the BAL A 800m on the weekend which was a pretty nice way to ease myself into the season. It was around a 62 first lap so very tactical as nobody wanted...

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15 May The Little Voice Part II

A few months ago I talked about how it is important to know when to listen to that little voice in your head. It is always trying to help, after all why should we want to put our bodies into a state of total discomfort!?...

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