14 Mar Adrenaline Rush

Sorry for the lack of blogging over the past few weeks. Last week I was struck down with the horrific viral infection, which seems to be hitting everyone very hard. My days consisted of moving between the sofa and my bed. I also had a cough, which sounded like I had been smoking 50 cigarettes a day for the past 24 years!!!

Luckily I was a lot better by Saturday so I was able to cheer everyone on at the Inter Countries. Andy wasn’t sure whether he was going to run because of an Achilles issue, which he picked up at Glasgow but after a mini session on the Thursday he decided it was fine.

I really like watching the Inter Countries I have never raced at Crofton Park and my last adventure at the Inter countries were in 2008, which I dropped out with a stressy!! I hope to finally race at Crofton in 2014!

On the way back from the Inter countries I was reflecting on my recent x country seasons and it dawned on me that I haven’t raced a cross-country race since 2011. I really hope that next winter I can stay injury free and finally show my ability on the cross- country. I don’t enjoy the mud but I do enjoy the competitions and I think a good cross-country base can set you up for a great summer.

I feel like I can finally call myself a runner! I am up to 45 minutes of running, which isn’t loads but its better, then nothing. I have been feeling pretty crap on most of my runs, my heart and lungs feel like they want to burst at the end of every run and my legs generally hate me.

Trying to run sub 7 minutes is a bit of a challenge at the moment but I hope in the next few weeks I can challenge the sub 6-minute mark. Also next week I hope to start running 4 days a week 😀

This week I have also found a new love. I recently joined the Fitness First gym and wow I absolutely love it. I have been to Yoga, Pilates, RPM and Spin. RPM and Spin give me the adrenaline rush I have been missing from running. It’s so bloody hard!!! My heart rate goes through the roof, my legs stream at me but I absolutely love it.  During the sessions I keep thinking no track races can be harder then this but I’m sure once I put my spikes on and experience my first 5k I will be begging to go back to RPM!

Thanks for reading 😀